Medical Access

Our goal (and approach) is to do our very best to educate, inform, and empower people to make the right decisions for their health and wellness.

The first cannabis retail shops in Canada were founded to provide Canadians with information and access to medical cannabis and its many potential benefits. The first compassion clubs laid the groundwork for a civil disobedience movement that has proven very successful in some regards, and less so in others.  While we have cannabis legalization in Canada today, there are few legal retailers who can provide storefront access in Canada and patients are required to sign on with an approved online provider – one of Canada’s Licensed Producers.  What is clear is that when given a choice, Canadians with health concerns are more likely to walk into their local cannabis retailer than they are to go online for their support.  The human connection is an important interaction for the comfort, confidence and security for those who are accessing cannabis for wellness. With little incentive for patients (no excise tax exemption and the same product selection). we expect to see many Canadians continue this trend with regulated recreational cannabis stores. With the recreational guidelines in place there may be limitations to what we can share with you, but we’ll do our best to inform and empower you to get make the right decision for your health and wellness and we encourage you to support your health care provider to learn along the way by keeping the lines of communication open.