3D Printed Joint Poker

A cheap and cheerful tool! This 3D printed joint can be a rolling template, a poker and a decorative accessory for the 420 enthusiasts home.

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dewbie – Ceramic Hydrator

The Dewbie is a unique, handmade stone designed to rehydrate dry cannabis.  This is a sustainable alternative to the disposable options as it is made from all natural enviro-friendly materials and it is infinitely reusable. JUST ADD WATER Soak the dewbie in water for 30 seconds or so (up to 2 min. for max absorption)… Read More

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Bloomifesto #6

Be nice. It makes all the difference.


OHAI – Ring Joint Holder – Gold

A modern take on the classic roach ring. Ohai is a Vancouver based and female led accessories curator and we are excited to be part of her journey. Available in Gold or Silver this ring allows for hands free consumption and never ending style. A great gift or a small indulgence.

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Pax – Key Ring

A handy tool by Pax. The discreet multi-tool keychain equips you with a silicone poker which supports you to pack your Pax while keeping your fingers clean and a metal scraper to be used as a cleaning tool.

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Bloomifesto #7

Build more treeforts.


Revelry – Lock & Key

Keep your treasures safe with this tiny lock for your lockable stash bags. Designed to fit the Revelry bags but compatible with others and possibly a good replacement for that diary lock you can’t seem to locate!  

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The Parlour Ashtray by Hemson

This glass dish adds a stylish addition to the communal tables in your home. Use this piece as a serving dish, catch-all or ashtray. Canadian designed by Hemson in Ontario bringing quality crafted tools to enhance life experience while building on traditions.

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Bloomifesto #1

Plant flowers in front of your home. Invite people to pick them.


Tsubo – Lighter – Pink

Japanese brand Tsubota Pearl manufactures lifestyle accessories. Their range of lighters, wallets, business, and smoking accessories are functional, timeless, stylish, and produced with high-quality materials. The Hard Edge lighter was introduced in the 1990s as a contrarian approach to the lighter designs of the time. Purposely free of curves, it features “hard” minimal lines that… Read More

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Veil OG Spray

Get high on the low with this eight-ounce spray formulated to eliminate the pungent odour associated with cannabis. The spray features a non-toxic and eco-friendly fragrance with notes of sweet orange, black pepper, and cedar. This odour eliminator may help you avoid any conflicts with a strata council should you happen to take a puff… Read More

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Bloomifesto #4

Feeling good is for everyone. We see a better, happier world.

village bloomery Goldleaf Gold Stylistvillage bloomery Goldleaf Gold Stylist

Goldleaf Gold Lab Pen

Beautiful, high luxe ball point pen. Polished gold finish compliments Goldleaf’s Journals exquisitely.

Designed to feel substantial in the hand and to perform on many surfaces, the Goldleaf Lab Pen has a minimalist yet utilitarian design and is the perfect companion to the journals. The Lab Pen features an all brass body and cap. Machined threading allows the cap to easily screw on and off and enables access to the ink cartridge.

Not an actual cannabis accessory per se but it makes for a great poker/rolling tool and then it’s best use is to document your experience using the Goldleaf taster journal.

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village bloomery Clipper Lightersvillage bloomery Clipper Lightersvillage bloomery Clipper Lightersvillage bloomery Clipper Lighters

Clipper Lighters

Refillable lighters in an array of translucent colours.

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Bloomifesto #2

Sunbathe, anywhere.

village bloomery Raw Gold Pokervillage bloomery Raw Gold Pokervillage bloomery Raw Gold Poker

Raw Gold Poker

Raw’s Gold Poker is a luxe smoking accessory that helps you pack your rolled herb in style. It also doubles as a stylish modern piece of jewelry.

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village bloomery Pinch Bowl Bluevillage bloomery Pinch Bowl Bluevillage bloomery Pinch Bowl

Pinch Bowl

This local, handmade ceramic pinch bowl is an essential piece in the connoisseurs rolling kit. Put your ground product in your pinch bowl for easy rolling and dosing.

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Bloomifesto #8

Master something you love. Then share it.

village bloomery Highly Fashionable Ash Trayvillage bloomery Highly Fashionable Ash Trayvillage bloomery Highly Fashionable Ash Tray

Highly Fashionable Ash Tray

Fashionably High Cannabis themed ash trays with a vintage look and metallic cannabis leaf print make for a fresh way to set up your Cannabis Cave or is it a cannabis cabana? The classic white with gold is a staple while fashion colours will change due to seasonal trends. Email us if you are looking for a specific colour.

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village bloomery Rose Bud Bowlvillage bloomery Rose Bud Bowlvillage bloomery Rose Bud Bowlvillage bloomery Rose Bud Bowl

Rose Bud Bowl

Its the worst when your bowl drops and breaks so why not elevate your bong experience by adding a beautiful rose coloured glass bowl? Tap into your divine feminine and enjoy a bowl of your favourite flowers.

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Bloomifesto #10

Introduce yourself.