A.OK- Spoon Pipe

The A.OK spoon pipe stands on end and is made of glass. Perfect for whatever organic matter you enjoy. Dimensions: H 5.5′ x W 1.5′

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Join Extender by Atwood

Atwood Smoke Extender

This sleek extender is a sophisticated nod to extenders from the past, which were used to prevent ash from falling on clothes. This wood and brass piece will keep your fingers odour-free and convey a sense of style. 

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Bloomifesto #6

Be nice. It makes all the difference.


Baked in Vermont – Cat Pipe

Each Baked in Vermont pipe is handmade with love and care. Each bowl is hand formed and each hole is created by hand. The decorations are a mixture of handprinted images and vintage 1970s English decals.  Meticulously applied by hand. These pipes are fired 4 times to achieve their distinctive feel and look. They reach a… Read More

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Baked in Vermont – Frida Kahlo Standing Pipe

An ode to a heroic woman by Baked in Vermont. Each Baked in Vermont piece is handmade with love and care. Each bowl is hand formed and each hole is created by hand. The decorations are a mixture of handprinted images and vintage 1970s English decals.  Meticulously applied by hand. Our pipes are fired 4 times… Read More

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Bloomifesto #4

Feeling good is for everyone. We see a better, happier world.


F8 Pipe- Grace (burn)

The elegant Grace pipe has naturally flowing and curving lines and a minimalist appeal. the Grace (Burn) is the perfect partner for exploration and restoration. Designed in Toronto, made in Thailand, 100% Porcelain

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Farbod – Bong

These blue Volcano bongs are limited-edition created for the Village Bloomery by Farbod Ceramics. Now based in Amsterdam, they were once students at Emily Carr and regulars from our legacy days. Each piece is hand-sculpted, hand painted and one of a kind, expect variations. These bongs have food safe glaze, and are even glazed inside… Read More

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Bloomifesto #3

Walk with your head up, phone in your pocket. Take it all in.


Farbod – Cactus Pipe

This porcelain pipe with is available in classic green with red bloom or in white with 24K pure gold lustre details. Each Farbod Ceramic piece is made to order and individually sculpted. These pipes provide a smoking experience with fantastic ergonomics in your hand and beautiful aesthetics. Each piece is made using highest quality Dutch… Read More

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Greenshore Pipes

Quality aluminum materials form an unforgettable design in this  elegant smoking pipe. The “classy collection” is handmade in Germany and virtually unbreakable. Optimal smoke pulling and development is achieved by way of a longer barrel and adapted pulling shank. This pipe is also incredibly easy to clean, thanks to the simple 2-part design. When handled properly the pipe will last for a lifetime. Available in gold and rose gold.

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Bloomifesto #9

Village People was a fun band. And our community. Go figure.


Laundry Day – Charlotte Pipe

Charlotte is part of the linear collection. The Linear Collection uses tube style glasswork to highlight designs inspired by movement, shape, and texture in 70’s & 80’s decor.  This little glass piece is the perfect size on the go. Treat it like a one-hitter, or pack a full bowl and enjoy the show. Approx. 4.5”… Read More

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Laundry Day – Hudson Pipe

The Hudson pipe is part of the the billow collection which features a series of wide glass blown pieces. These designs highlight the visual beauty of the smoking experience while providing an effortlessly smooth intake.

Enjoy watching the smoke billow through the transparent chamber of this disc-shaped glass pipe as you take a breath.

The Hudson’s wide design also gives the smoke more room to cool down and mellow out before reaching your lips. This feature makes for a smooth and visually stimulating experience.

The perfect piece to leave out on your coffee table.

Finally, something beautiful.

Approx. 3.75″ diameter  x .75″ height

*Note that these pieces are hand-blown which creates differences in character from piece to piece

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Bloomifesto #10

Introduce yourself.


Pursuits of Happiness – Voltaire Pipe

In celebration of sharp wit and free thinking Pursuits of Happiness named their first pipe, Voltaire. Slim, elegant, and practical, the Voltaire pipe features a small compartment in front to pack your material. Mouth pieces are finished in gold or silver overglaze. Pipes are made by hand in small batches and go through three kiln… Read More

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Quiver – Bong

This full titanium water bong was designed with functionality in mind as it was originally created to withstand harsh elements and mountain camping. The Quiver Bong has a classic beaker shape with a fixed downstream. There are offset drill holes at the bottom for simple filtration, and each bong comes with a rubber utility ring… Read More

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Bloomifesto #7

Build more treeforts.

village bloomery Standing Pipe Catsvillage bloomery Standing Pipe Catsvillage bloomery Standing Pipe Cats

Standing Pipe Cats

Cat themed hand crafted, ceramic standing pipe. Baked in VT.

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The Classic Pipe by Hemson

Hand-carved from solid American walnut, this aptly named piece is inspired by Grandpa’s old pipe.  It’s designed after the classic Canadian pipe profile with added features of a tried and true ceramic pipe.  The removable bowl makes for an easier clean and the filter screen prevents debris from coming through the stem.

Product Information

  • Materials: Glazed ceramic bowl/ acrylic tip / American walnut
  • Features: Removable glass bowl, removable acrylic tip, replaceable mesh screen (stops ash from coming through the pipe), natural wood grain (every pipe is unique)
  • Warning: Bowl will be hot during and shortly after use. Wait until cool before touching.
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Bloomifesto #1

Plant flowers in front of your home. Invite people to pick them.


The Pax 3

The 3rd generation of the iconic Pax Vape is a dual-use vaporizer for dry herb and extracts. The Pax 3 features industry-leading heat technology, extended battery life, and its oven is twice as powerful than its predecessor. Available in Rose Gold, Teal, Silver and Black.

Pax is known for its elegant, minimalist and modern aesthetic and ease of functionality.


PAX 3 products must be registered with PAX on their website to ensure the 10 year warranty on manufactures defect.

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village bloomery RedEye Glass One Hittersvillage bloomery RedEye Glass One Hittersvillage bloomery RedEye Glass One Hittersvillage bloomery RedEye Glass One Hitters

RedEye Glass One Hitters

Redeye Glass one hitters are discrete, easy to use, and to clean. As colours vary, please let us know what colour your looking for and we will try to match as best we can.

Approximately 3″ in length (photo in hand not to scale)

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Bloomifesto #5

Get to know your shop-keepers by name. They'll do the same in return.