village bloomery Goldleaf Journal Cannabis Tastervillage bloomery Goldleaf Journal Cannabis Taster

Goldleaf Journal Cannabis Taster

Cannabis Taster was created to help you track and review which cultivars or products you’ve tried, and rate them for future reference.


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village bloomery Goldleaf Journal Grow Plannervillage bloomery Goldleaf Journal Grow Planner

Goldleaf Journal Grow Planner

Grow Planner is designed to help you easy track essential information about your garden, allowing you to perfect your process.

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Bloomifesto #1

Plant flowers in front of your home. Invite people to pick them.

village bloomery Goldleaf Patient Journalvillage bloomery Goldleaf Patient Journal

Goldleaf Patient Journal

Patient Journal was designed to help you better understand your body’s response to Cannabis treatment.

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village bloomery Goldleaf Gold Stylistvillage bloomery Goldleaf Gold Stylistvillage bloomery Goldleaf Gold Stylist

Goldleaf Gold Stylist

Beautiful, high luxe ball point pen. Polished gold finish compliments Goldleaf’s Journals exquisitely.

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Bloomifesto #6

Get to know your shop-keepers by name. They'll do the same in return.

village bloomery ABC's of CBDvillage bloomery ABC's of CBD

ABC’s of CBD

Accessible for any reader, The ABC’s of CBD is a practical, educational, and comprehensive guide — alternatively humorous and hard hitting when it needs to be, answering all the things you’ve ever wanted to know about cannabinoids, but were afraid to ask. By Shira Adler.

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village bloomery Handbook of Medical Cannabisvillage bloomery Handbook of Medical Cannabis

Handbook of Medical Cannabis for Barefoot Doctors

A handbook of basic Medical Cannabis knowledge written by Ann Zee, who has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Acupuncture for over 17 years.

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Bloomifesto #9

Master something you love. Then share it.

village bloomery 420 Gourmetvillage bloomery 420 Gourmet

420 Gourmet

In The 420 Gourmet, JeffThe420Chef, combines his fun-loving approach to cooking with practical information about cannabis. The book Includes a comprehensive dosage calculator, summaries of the principal strains and their typical effects, and details on the herb’s medical and recreational benefits.

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village bloomery Vitamin Weedvillage bloomery Vitamin Weed

Vitamin Weed

A 4-step plan to prevent and reverse endocannabinoid deficiency.

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Bloomifesto #12

It's what's on the inside that counts.

village bloomery Blood Type Bookletsvillage bloomery Blood Type Booklets

Blood Type Booklets

Individual Blood type food list guides from the Eat right for your blood type diet series by Dr. Peter J D’Adamo.

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village bloomery Bong Appetitvillage bloomery Bong Appetit

Bong Appetit

Putting marijuana into food isn’t limited to just college students and brownies anymore, as notable chefs are now preparing high-end cannabis-infused delicacies. Master the art of cooking with Cannabis.

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Bloomifesto #8

Build more treeforts.

village bloomery Feminist Weed Farmervillage bloomery Feminist Weed Farmer

Feminist Weed Farmer

How to grow mindful medicine in your own backyard.

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village bloomery Grow Your Ownvillage bloomery Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

We love this book. Its beautifully illustrated and is a wonderful companion for the DIY Cannabis enthusiast. Learn to cultivate and cure your own cannabis and get the 411 on how to best enjoy your harvest! Written by Nichole Graf, Micah Sherman, David Stein and Liz Crain.

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Bloomifesto #11

Introduce yourself.

village bloomery The Cannabis Cultivation Colouring Bookvillage bloomery The Cannabis Cultivation Colouring Book

The Cannabis Cultivation Colouring Book

This book is for adult colouring entertainment and Cannabis education.

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village bloomery Vegan Cannabis Cookbookvillage bloomery Vegan Cannabis Cookbook

Vegan Cannabis Cookbook

A fun book of cannabis infused vegan recipes! Reminding you to eat your greens!

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Bloomifesto #7

Be nice. It makes all the difference.

village bloomery Pen 2 Paper Journalvillage bloomery Pen 2 Paper Journal

Pen 2 Paper Journal

A soft cover journal featuring lined pages and an ancient illustration of a sativa plant from 512 AD on cover.

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village bloomery Cannabis Cocktails and Mocktailsvillage bloomery Cannabis Cocktails and Mocktails

Cannabis Cocktails and Mocktails

Cannabis Cocktails and Mocktails give you a little lesson in strains and flavour profiles, provides recipes for tinctures and oil infusions and provides details so you can create your own cannabis infused cocktails, mocktails, and tonics. 75 recipes of cannabis influenced cocktails and beverages.

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Bloomifesto #4

Feeling good is for everyone. We see a better, happier world.