village bloomery Goldleaf Journal Cannabis Tastervillage bloomery Goldleaf Journal Cannabis Taster

Goldleaf Journal Cannabis Taster

The Cannabis Taster is a pocket journal designed specifically for the cannabis adventurer. With a focus on social use and enjoyment, this notebook features guided entry pages and graphics designed to help you document the flavors, effects and experiences of cannabis.  Ideal for any enthusiast wanting to track the cultivars (or chemovars aka strains) and products they have tried in the past and better understand their own palate and body in the process. This journal works with all types of cannabis (flower, concentrates & edibles) and is an essential companion to any cannabis enthusiast.


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village bloomery Goldleaf Journal Grow Plannervillage bloomery Goldleaf Journal Grow Planner

Goldleaf Journal Grow Planner

The Grow Planner is a first-of-its-kind weekly/monthly planner style journal designed specifically for home cannabis cultivation. Ideal for growers who wish to plan out their garden, rotation, feeding schedule in a clear and simple manner and track their progress with an intuitive weekly entry look.  This journal can help easily track each phase of the growing cycle and allows you to quickly notate the most important daily & weekly info for your growing space. Learn from past grows, repeat your successes and avoid your failures. Every space, grower, and strain is different. Let the Grow Planner help you document what is unique & important to you. Know your grow.

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Bloomifesto #8

Master something you love. Then share it.

village bloomery Goldleaf Patient Journalvillage bloomery Goldleaf Patient Journal

Goldleaf Patient Journal

The Patient Journal is a notebook designed specifically for medical cannabis patients. Finding the right treatment is tough. The Patient Journal was developed alongside top medical professionals to empower patients by giving them the tools to accurately chart all the important factors in their therapy. They can use this information to share with their caregiver or tweak their own regime. The goal is to ease the anxiety of patients new to cannabis, as well as outfit long-time users with the tools they need to better understand their body and their treatment.

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village bloomery Goldleaf Gold Stylistvillage bloomery Goldleaf Gold Stylistvillage bloomery Goldleaf Gold Stylist

Goldleaf Gold Lab Pen

Beautiful, high luxe ball point pen. Polished gold finish compliments Goldleaf’s Journals exquisitely.

Designed to feel substantial in the hand and to perform on many surfaces, the Goldleaf Lab Pen has a minimalist yet utilitarian design and is the perfect companion to the journals. The Lab Pen features an all brass body and cap. Machined threading allows the cap to easily screw on and off and enables access to the ink cartridge.

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Bloomifesto #2

Sunbathe, anywhere.

village bloomery ABC's of CBDvillage bloomery ABC's of CBD

ABC’s of CBD

Accessible for any reader, The ABC’s of CBD is a practical, educational, and comprehensive guide — alternatively humorous and hard hitting when it needs to be, answering all the things you’ve ever wanted to know about cannabinoids, but were afraid to ask. By Shira Adler.

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village bloomery 420 Gourmetvillage bloomery 420 Gourmet

420 Gourmet

In The 420 Gourmet, JeffThe420Chef, combines his fun-loving approach to cooking with practical information about cannabis. The book Includes a comprehensive dosage calculator, summaries of the principal strains and their typical effects, and details on the herb’s medical and recreational benefits.

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Bloomifesto #7

Build more treeforts.

village bloomery Vitamin Weedvillage bloomery Vitamin Weed

Vitamin Weed

A 4-step plan to prevent and reverse endocannabinoid deficiency.

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village bloomery Bong Appetitvillage bloomery Bong Appetit

Bong Appetit

Putting marijuana into food isn’t limited to just college students and brownies anymore, as notable chefs are now preparing high-end cannabis-infused delicacies. Master the art of cooking with Cannabis.

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Bloomifesto #3

Walk with your head up, phone in your pocket. Take it all in.

village bloomery Cannabis for Seniorsvillage bloomery Cannabis for Seniors

Cannabis for Seniors

Debunks myths and discusses concerns that seniors may have about cannabis use. Docpotter describes methods of using cannabis, explaining how smoking, eating, and topicals users. A good read by Beverly A. Potter PH.D

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village bloomery Ganja Yogavillage bloomery Ganja Yoga

Ganja Yoga

Dee Dussault brings the ancient tradition of using cannabis to enhance spiritual practice to a western audience.

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Bloomifesto #1

Plant flowers in front of your home. Invite people to pick them.

village bloomery Green A Field Guidevillage bloomery Green A Field Guide

Green A Field Guide

Our in store cannabis bible! This hard copy edition features a brief but inspiring history of our favourite plants trials and tribulations, some Cannabis 101, some cannabis etiquette followed by page after page of gorgeous “bud shots”. Its a coffee table guide to Cannabis and beyond. Written by Dan Michaelis. Photos by Erik Christiansen.

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village bloomery Green A Pocket Guidevillage bloomery Green A Pocket Guide

Green A Pocket Guide

The mini cannabis bible. A more compact paperback version of the full sized Field Guide Book. Written by Dan Michaelis, Photos by Erik Christiansen.

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Bloomifesto #10

Introduce yourself.

village bloomery History of Cannabis 101village bloomery History of Cannabis 101

History of Cannabis 101

A photographic chronicle of all things Cannabis. 101 iconic and historic cannabis items or products curated by Media Lab Books.

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Village Bloomery Mary Jane Handbook For WomenVillage Bloomery Mary Jane Handbook For Women

Mary Jane Handbook For Women

A thoroughly modern guide to help women become Cannabis connoisseurs.

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Bloomifesto #5

Get to know your shop-keepers by name. They'll do the same in return.

village bloomery The Little Book of Cannabisvillage bloomery The Little Book of Cannabis

The Little Book of Cannabis

A guide on how Cannabis can improve your life.

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village bloomery Weed User's Guidevillage bloomery Weed User's Guide

Weed User’s Guide

A 21 century handbook for enjoying Cannabis.

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Bloomifesto #4

Feeling good is for everyone. We see a better, happier world.